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The Tree Project

The International Fiber Collaborative announces its 2008–2009 project, Interdependence. Participants will create a full-sized tree for display in April 2009 at Big Springs International Park in Huntsville, Alabama (Panoply Event-Hosted by the Huntsville Art Council). Much like a live tree is interdependent on its leaves and roots for survival, societies are interdependent on the greater whole, family units, communities, and countries.

Participants from around the world are invited to create leaves to contribute to the creation of the tree. In total, up to 30,000 leaves may be used.

How to Participate

  • Leaves should be created using fiber or fiber techniques.
  • Entrants are encouraged to be creative in deciding on materials and techniques, and may paint, stitch, crochet, patch, quilt, knit, or glue (water resistant glue).
  • Each leaf should measure roughly 5 in. wide (at its thickest) x 7 in. long.
  • Leaves may also have shape and dimension.
  • Submissions may relate to interdependence in a social, economical, political, ecological, or geographical way.

The tree’s trunk and branches will all be wrapped with handmade fiber sleeves.

The application deadline is March 15, 2009.
Download required entry form HERE.

For additional information email Jennifer Marsh at blueangle1412@yahoo.com.

Mailing address:
Attn: Jennifer Marsh
Department of Art & Art History, RH 313
301 Sparkman Dr.
Huntsville, Alabama   35899

"There are 4 girls I would like to recognize, who are working incredibly hard collaborating with me to make this tree project possible. I wouldn't be able to do it with out them. They are going to conquer the World some day!" - Jennifer Marsh
Public Art Class, University of Alabama-Huntsville

Terri Summer

Terri Summer

Marcia Freeland

Marcia Freeland

Jessica Lund

Jessica Lund





Panoply Arts Festival 2009 Opening Ceremony
The Finished Tree Project Launch!
Contributions from 23 Countries & 39 States

The Panoply Arts Festival Ribbon Ceremony will take place Friday, April 24, at 8:30 a.m. We’re “launching” the Festival — & Friday’s Fifth Grade Days!

Where: The North Side of the Japanese Red Bridge in the Heart of the Big Spring International Park.

Fifth-Grade Students from Asbury & Grace Lutheran Schools, members of The Arts Council and Panoply’s Global Village, and Rotary International Group Study Exchange reps (from Sao Paolo, Brazil) will be on hand to help kick off the festivities. A fierce Chinese Lion and Global Villagers will lead the children — & all other attendees — across the Japanese Red Bridge, into the park’s main area, and on to “Interdependence,” the Tree Project of the International Fiber Collaborative!

Panoply Arts Festival

Listen to a PSA for The Tree Project (mp3)

Early Works Children's Museum Early Works Children's Museum inside

The Earlyworks Children's Museum in Huntsville, AL will be giving the tree a home in their front lobby in August 2009. (map)

“"I think it is fun having our school be a part of this opportunity for people from around the world to make one art project. I think it was good using recycled plastic bags for the leaves. It was a very creative ide and mimicking Jackson Pollock with the splattery paint made it look like veins on real fall leaves."
Will Keiser, 5th grader at Monrovia Elementary (Huntsville, AL)

Tree Flyer

Click for Tree Project Flyer

IFC Flyer

Click here for IFC Flyer


View photos of leaves submitted and progress photos of the tree assembly.

Steven Ginsburg, David Marsh & Jennifer Marsh

Steven Ginsburg, David Marsh & Jennifer Marsh


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