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Photographs of Leaves submitted for the Tree Project (ongoing)

A. Forrest Johnson

A. Forrest Johnson – Highland Park, Michigan
Web Editor
Velvet & Felt. Couching over pearl cotton & satin stitch. Czech glass beads.

Amanda Rousseau

Amanda Rousseau – Somerset, MA
Student / Merchandise Assistant
Organza & Cotton Thread

Amber Murray

Amber Murray – Athens, AL
Tarp, Canvas, Thread

Anita Clark

Anita Clark – Montevalle, AL
Administrator / Director of University Baptist CDC
Recycled 100% leather from favorite purse purchased at an estate sale in 2006 backed with sticky foam – sewn by machine with quilting thread.

“I loved the leather in this purse however the handle and binding were worn out. I knew at once it would be perfect for the leaves. My sewing machine didn’t like the foam/leather combination. I had fun!”

Annabel Ebersole

Annabel Ebersole – Reston, VA
Artist, Teacher
1-Ribbon, beads, cotton fabrics. 2-Cotton fabric, wooden chop sticks & wire
“I am proud to be part of this group, speaking for the trees and the environment.”

Anne Tinker

Anne Tinker – Huntsville, AL
Librarian, Software Developer
Worn cotton & linen fabric, plastic, shoelace, and cotton batting

Annilea Hanson

Annilea Hanson – Madison, AL
Old macramé necklaces & bracelets sewn on a felted leaf base.

Ariel Sever

Ariel Sever – Tel Aviv, Israel
Writer & Fiber Artist - Upholstery fabrics, Embroidery
“What a beautiful project. A tree. The symbol of life. An oasis of shadow on a hot day, a haven for little creatures, the generous provider of flowers and fruits. When in the bible the ultimately ideal place is described, it is a garden of trees, the Garden of Eden. Trees, living their secret life, serene and friendly, each one shaped by time and the elements to its unique form and personality. Every leaf is a miniature representative of this many facets’ kingdom. I am a writer and a fiber-artist. One of the projects I’m working on now, is an artist-book named “I’m the jungle, I am the wind”, which aims to show our similarity in spite of our infinite diversity. This is the message that I also embroidered on my leaf.”

Athens High School

Athens High School – Athens, AL
Teacher – Katie Ruf
Students: Marybeth, Alexa, Adam, Maribel, Estee, Courtney, Dustin, Hunter, Jonny, Charles, Julie, Audrey, Dillon, Erika, Christine, Sarah Beth, Tarashia, Yesenia, Lauren, Arianna, Komae, Zachary, Kate, Amber, Mary, David, Charles, McCallie, Elizabeth, Jesus.
“My art students really enjoyed the tree project.”

Beth Hartmann

Beth Hartmann – Sebastopol, CA
Wire & Plastic bags, welding, finger crochet, wrapping
“I used fairly indestructible materials, speaking to hope for tree species, but also to the problems of our detritus not being compost able.”

Birute Sarapiene

Birute Sarapiene – Kaunas, Lithuania
Lecturer in Kaunas College
Plastic, Jute, Fish-line, grass fiber, burning, needlework

Bunnie Jordan

Bunnie Jordan – Vienna, VA
Artist, Appraiser of Quilts
Cotton fabric and thread, paper pieces, machine quilting
“I am so glad to be part of this environmental project.”

Central School

Central School (5th Grade) – Madison, AL
Teacher – Theresa Miller
Recycled cotton sheet, permanent marker, with melted was colors. We colored onto the fabric on a heated surface that melted the wax into the fabric. (This was a food warming tray). We also recycled old crayon bits which people have discarded.

Charlotte Hamlin

Charlotte Hamlin – South Dartmouth, MA
Administrator/ Teacher
“Sassafras” (leaf) 2009
Silk organza, thread, dye; shadow work

Claire Whitmore

Claire Whitmore – Huntsville, AL
Fiber Artist
1-Scraps of cotton fabric, left over from other projects, scribble quilted, wire used for shaping.
2-Various green yarns from other projects, stitched in a grid pattern, wire used for shaping.

Danfuole Cachaviciene

Danfuole Cachaviciene – Kaunas, Lithuania
Textile Artist
Synthetic silk, sewing, burning

Danute Ona

Danute Ona – Kaunas, Lithuania

Danute Valentaite

Danute Valentaite – Kaunas, Lithuania
Cotton, Linen, Fabric-knitting, Autoz’s Technique

Elleke Piquard

Elleke Piquard – Saint Cernin, France (Europe)
Textile artist & Textile teacher
Guitar cords, hand spun silk wool, cotton, linen, brass tubes. Traditional bobbin lace (‘Binche’ snowflakes), contemporary bobbin lace, knotting.

“I hope the tree will grow, maybe in the future more leaves will take ‘roots’ all over the world? Maybe a project of roots and seeds? I like the project, thank you very much for this opportunity.”

G.S. Guinn-Gilles

G.S. Guinn-Gilles – Kirkland, WA
Cotton and metallic ribbon yarn, embroidery floss, cotton fabric, linen backing, wire. Rug hooking, embroidery, computer generated text.

“It is a delight to take part in this artistic collaborative. The leaves displayed on the web site are diverse and impressive. Thanks for the creative insight in imagining a collective tree that so many people can contribute to.”

Gloria Mattos Hughes

Gloria C. Mattos Hughes – Seaside, CA
Fiber Artist
Paper, Collage, Water Color and Pastel

Heather Lair

Heather Lair – Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
Textile Artist
Technique by Debra Svedberg
Quilters cotton, torn in strips & sewn randomly on fabric covered peltex. Roughed up for texture.
“I have made a Canadian Maple Leaf in it’s fall colours for your tree. I love your project and I am thrilled to contribute!”


Hillarte (School) – Madrid, Spain
Teacher – Natividad Abad
We use natural, man-made and recycled fibers.
“A small contribution from our school to your great project. Interdependence of individuals and everything around them is reflected in our everyday life, and so we want to be... Nature=Life”

Irena Piliutyte

Irena Piliutyte – Kaunas, Lithuania
Linen, Plastic, Sea Stones, Ceramics

Janet Hanson

Janet Hanson – Madison, AL
1-Wool felt w/ embroidery
(“Used felting projects that did not work out properly”)
2-Crochet strips of plastic bags

Jill Obrien

Jill Obrien – Denton, TX

Joel Koos

Joel Koos – Bohemia, NY
Artist / Adjunct Professor
Oxyacetylene bended & welded steel, wrapped synthetic twine.
“Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful project. Please keep me updated about future projects I may participate in.”

John Moffet Elementary S355

John Moffet Public Elementary School – Philadelphia, PA
Workshop Organizer – Rachel Bliss (Artist)
“Leaves were created by children under the mentorship of artist Rachel Bliss while in residence at John Moffet Public Elementary School courtesy of Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture. Inspiration for leaf designs were a response to many lively discussions on the topics of human/nature food/industry child slave labor/fair trade family/identity and the poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye. Materials used creating leaves included: Fabric scraps, marbled paper, glue, acrylic paint, sharpies, food wrappers, glitter, wax and thread.” Participants: Zahra, Giancarlos, Nazhua, Hector, Shai, Amir, Jude, Fatih, Salsabel, Maryiam, Elijah, Lamiah, Sundus, Dala, Freda, Haya, Roasalie, Hadeel, Serhat, Fatimah, Leiliane, Zamarit, Mandy, Kiana

Rachel Bliss

Workshop Organizer – Rachel Bliss (Artist) www.rachelbliss.com
John Moffet Public Elementary School (see above)

Jonah Heeschen

Jonah Heeschen – Huntsville, AL
10 years old
Cotton fabric & wire, “Jonah used grandmother’s sewing machine to embroider his name. He then fused the front & back together with the wire between. Finally he fused a lady bug design on each side.”

Karyn Meyreles

Karyn Meyreles – Rancho Murieta, CA
Retired Government Executive
Needle felted with wool fibers, yarn, ribbons, Swarovski crystals to give it dew drops, sparkle, fibers were felted together.
“This leaf was an effort on the part of many from our needle felting group, Fab Felters, in Drytown. We met at Drytown General Store in CA.”

Katrina Scotto di Carle

Katrina Scotto di Carlo – Portland, OR
Artist, Small business owner
Fabric & Thread
“A good excuse to gather over wine with friends.”

Kerri Angel

Kerri Angel – Clarks Summit, PA
Disabled / Former Floral Designer
Yarn, wire, beads, ribbon rosettes, wrapping and sewing and beading.
“Here’s 3 more”

Kim Nysten-Van Waardenbu

Kim Nysten-van Waardenburg – Limburg, The Netherlands
Merino rooing, wet-felting tech. only
“Hope to see the tree soon with all the leaves!”

Kimberly Shifflett

Kimberly Shifflett – Loveland, OH
MFA Graduate Student, Artist
Monoprint – oil based ink on Mulberry Paper – attached it to canvas, shaped it with stiffy – then sprayed with Polyurethane.
“I am currently getting my MFA at DAAP V.C in Cincinnati. I work with fibers, Printmaking, Drawing & Painting.”

Linda Sexton-Patrick

Linda Sexton-Patrick – New London, CT
Textile Artist
Textured silk, pleated silk, cotton, beading, hand embroidery with hand-dyed wool. “Represents the textures of our lives”

M.R. Narvydiene

M.R. Narvydiene

Margaret Hanson

Margaret Hanson – Madison, AL
Embroidery on felt

Margarita Taurinskiene

Margarita Taurinskiene – Litauen, Lithuania
Wool, Felt

Marijona Sinkeviciene

Marijona Sileviciene – Kaunas, Lithuania
Wool, Aplikatioy

Mary Dubois

Mary Dubois – Flushing, NY
Retired – President of the New York City Crochet Guild
100% wool, Mohair yarn, glass beads, acrylic yarn, leaves are crocheted.
“I’m very glad to participate in this project, wish I could be there when it’s completed and to see it in person.”

Meena Schaldenbrand

Meena Schaldenbrand – Plymouth, MI
Fabric, Paper, Paint, Stamps, Spider & Web charms, ric rac edges, fuzzy yarns, tassel

Monrovia Elementary School

Monrovia Elementary School – Huntsville, AL
Art Teacher- Vinchenza Sweet-Mikell
Recycled plastic bags – fused (melted) together and painted.
“My students loved this project! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!”

Nancy Eisenhauer

Nancy Eisenhauer – Belleville, IL
Retired Teacher
Used dryer sheets that have been dyed & then fused to cotton batting.
“This lone leaf represents my connection to the future. The names of my children and their spouses are on the side veins, as is the names of my grandchild (born on February 27th 2009). My hope is that in the future we will increase the reuse of daily materials and foster better caretakers of our planet.”


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